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Care New England Health System employees adopted three values – Accountability, Caring and Teamwork – as their goals when working with our patients and their families and when interacting with each other. The ACT values are the foundation for the system’s future progress and, ultimately, our ability to help transform the future of health care.

As we integrated these new guiding concepts into Care New England, it only made sense that we would work to change our care delivery and business model as well. This dovetailed with what has been happening in the health care market nationally. Historically, health care providers were reimbursed for what was done, without consideration of how well it was done or if it was effective. This led to spiraling health care costs, dissatisfied payers and many unhappy patients. Passed in 2010, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was created to transform health care delivery, payment and access.

Together with our employed physicians and Rhode Island Primary Care Physicians Corporation (RIPCPC), CNE recently formed an accountable care organization (ACO) called Integra Community Care Network, LLC, to manage the care of select populations, including Medicare Shared Savings program enrollees. Under the ACO, Care New England will be striving to improve care, improve the health of our population and reduce costs.

We are very excited about this journey and the ways we continue to lead the transformation of health care in our community.

Dennis D. Keefe
President and CEO of Care New England

Dennis Keefe, President and CEO of Care New England