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Residency Overview

Residents spend one year in length with a dedicated preceptor. Initially, the preceptor exposes new graduates to home care through supervised visits, providing ongoing support and mentorship as participants progress through the residency. The typical day of a nurse resident consists of morning report, planned education, patient visits, and visit debriefing. The combination of practical application, educational opportunities, and peer support are integral in making the transition from new graduate to competent nurse. Nurse residents have the option for further training in palliative and hospice care upon completion of the residency.

The Residency Program for New Graduate Home Health and Hospice Nurses targets recent graduates with less than one year of nursing experience who are preferably bachelor’s prepared and have passed the RN NCLEX exam. Applicants must be willing to work full-time and be independent, critical thinkers. At the VNA, our nurses use a holistic approach to address the challenges faced by Rhode Islanders today. A love of community health is a must for working in this field.