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Volunteers can also provide customer service and support to patients and staff on our busy nursing care units. While volunteers cannot provide care to patients, they can extend compassion and assistance to ensure staff, patients and family members feel supported. All volunteers in this role will need to complete transport training to be able to move patients around the facility and connect them with services or to take them to the door where their rides await to bring them home. Additional guidance will be provided on the units when you begin. Placement in a specific department will be determined by a number of factors, including your availability.

If the following is the case for you, you may want to apply for a Unit Assistant position.

  • You are comfortable interacting with a variety of staff as well as patients and families.
  • You enjoy seeing what the shift may hold - as patient volumes and individual patient preferences often determines what help is needed on any given day.
  • You are comfortable spending one-on-one time with patients and, sometimes, their family members, often while transporting them via wheelchair.
  • You can navigate through a large facility, often helping locate needed supplies and equipment.